About Us


Mandamus Publishing Inc. is a private Ontario corporation, founded to provide ebook digital versions of Statutes and Regulations. Lawyers, paralegals, accountants, architects, engineers, HR personnel, insurance personnel and securities professionals need and use these materials every day but these materials are not available in any portable electronic format. In a fast paced digital world such professionals want and need instant any-where, any-time access. And there was and is no good reason why these documents should not be available in a digital format.

It started with the idea of creating an ebook of the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Small Claims Rules and a few other books. Investigation revealed that the steps required to turn any one file into an ebook, applied generally to turning any of the statutes or regulation files into an ebook.

The corporation and this web-site are the result. And rather than just one or two or a dozen ebooks, this web-site now gives instant access to over 15,400 ebooks.  Which means that these documents can be available for instant access on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop, where-ever you are, when-ever you need that access, and not left behind or unavailable.

There are literally hundreds of Regulations which of are specific interest to only a few people. Why did we spend the time to create documents which may not be used?  Because everyone who needs access, should have the same access to all of the documents which they need to review. Why did Mandamus Publishing go to the trouble of creating ebooks of each and every one of the Statutes and Regulations?

Because no-one else has and we can.

ALL of the Statutes, ALL of the Regulations.

ALL of Canada, ALL of Ontario.

Over 15,400 individial ebooks with more to follow.