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This web-site is an online book store with only one product: ebook versions of the Statutes and Regulations of Canada and Ontario. As of December 2017, we have almost 15,000 individual statutory and regulatory documents available for sale, so that you can have your important reference documents available anywhere, any time, on any of your smart devices. You do not need internet access to use an ebook.

Why did Mandamus choose to go through the difficult process of making ALL of the Statutes and Regulations available? Because ALL of them are important at some level. And no-one else offers ANY of them for sale in stand-alone portable ebook digital form. The Statutes and Regulations are not available anywhere else in ebook format. We make ALL of them available.


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The Statutes and Regulations are available online on government websites for browser access. These books are based on those texts. But  to access them, you will need internet access. Html files are not organized in a page like format and require scrolling to navigate. The files do not contain extra navigational links to make them easy to navigate. Scrolling is not easy on a tablet or smartphone. An html file can be searched but cannot be 'bookmarked' during use, nor annotated. There is no page numbering scheme.

PDF files are effectively a packaged sequence of fixed page images. Unless carefully produced from original texts, they are not searchable. Searchable PDF's contain the page image and the text and thus are very large. The page structure is fixed at production time and the font size cannot be adjusted. Generally, pdf files cannot be 'bookmarked' nor annotated. Since the page structute is fixed, the page numbering is also fixed.

Ebooks combine the best characteristics of both. Documents are displayed in a page-oriented structure but you may change the display font size at any time and the amount of text displayed on the page is adjusted automatically. Ebooks can be searched, bookmarked and annotated during use. Ebooks can contain link structures such as we see everywhere on the web. The best ebook readers recognize the anchors and links in the text.

Mandamus adds extra anchors and links throughout the text at every section. This makes it simple to move around in the document. If the statute has a Table of Contents, it will be made into an active, linked Table of Contents in our ebook, even if it was not an active table in the online version. Mandamus creates an Index of Section Numbers and Tables and Schedules at the end of the document linking back to the correct place in the document. In the body, links inserted at the beginning of each section (or Rule) provide quick navigation back to the Table of Contents, to Section 1 or to the Index. This FAQ Is constructed using these same features and demonstrates the capabilities of built into our ebooks. Your use of the link structures in this document mimics what you will be able to do on your device.

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Any reasonably modern smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer can run the software to handle these ebooks. Dedicated ebook readers such as Kindle and Nook readers use their own proprietary software. Such readers may not be able to make use of all of the navigational features. It may be difficult to load the ebooks onto those platforms. Mandamus can provide ebooks in various proprietary formats but only on special order. Purchasers wishing an ebook in a proprietary format must be willing to be a 'beta' tester of the ebook, since we have no idea whether everything will work as expected. Kindle mobi ebooks appear to work properly, on a very cursory testing. If you are considering buying a tablet,you should buy a platform which is not restricted in its capabilities. This means an Android tablet or an Apple Ipad.



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Numerous versions of ebook reader software exists on all major platforms. But not all ebook reader software is known to provide the full range of capabilities which are desireable. Luckily, there are software programs which provide the proper capabilities which are available for FREE.

4.1  Apple

Stanza is available for free at the App Store. If you receive an epub as an attachment to an email, you will be asked whether you wish to open the attachment in Stanza and add it to your Stanza library. Stanza is a powerful program and allows you to create groups of books. Stanza is available in versions optimized for iPhones and for iPads.

4.2  Android

fbReader (favourite book reader) is available for free at the Google store. Like Stanza, it recognizes epub email attachments and adds them directly to the library. The free version displays a "Tweet what you have read" advertisement to the end of the test of every book. This advertisement is annoying, but benign. The premium version of fbReader does not display this advert. fbReader provides a 'tag' capability and book listings by tag, making handling of large and diverse libraries of ebooks very simple. 

4.3  Laptops and desktops: Sigil and Calibre

Sigil is a standalone ebook reader program available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Executable binaries are available for Windows and Mac. Only the source code is generally available for Linux, although some distributions have pre-compiled binaries available in their repositories. Sigil is a very capable program.

Calibre is actually a suite of programs dedicated to dealing with ebooks. It is available for all platforms. It is intended for ebook production, but the stand-alone program ebook-viewer makes it worth downloading the whole suite even if the other capabilities are never used. Calibre allows separate libraries to be created, so that ebooks of various types can be segregated. The ebook-viewer program is intended to reading one ebook, and is most easily used from the command line. The Calibre gui adds an impressive set of extra features for handling ebook files and libraries.

4.4  Kindle, Nook and Other E-readers

The built-in ebook reader software in a hardware Kindle, and in the Kindle App for iPads and iPhones is perfectly usable with these ebooks. Email delivery is made through the personalized email address at kindle.com, rather than through your usual email address. We have no experience with the Nook or other e-readers. These ebooks are probably usable on them but delivery may be extrememly difficult due to the proprietary nature of the hardware.

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Calibre is the only program which has built-in support for separate libraries of ebooks. It can easily be customized to show or hide information about the ebooks in the library. It can accomodate a massive number of ebooks easily, although you may have to scroll for some time. This is acceptable on a laptop or desktop. Stanza is not particularly designed to accomodate a massive number of ebooks, and a reasonable limit is probably around 40 books. The tag feature in fbReader allows you to set up storage groups for your various ebooks and list books having that tag. The Kindle App on iPad always displays the cover images of ebooks in an inefficient grid format and retains the image of every book ever downloaded, until the book is deleted through the Kindle web-site.

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Copyright of the Acts and Regulations of the Government of Canada are held by the Queen's Printer for Canada. These ebooks are published by Mandamus Publishing pursuant to the Reproduction of Federal Law Order, SI-97-5which states:

    "Anyone may, without charge or request for permission, reproduce enactments and consolidations of enactments of the Government of Canada, and decisions and reasons for decisions of federally-constituted courts and administrative tribunals, provided due diligence is exercised in ensuring the accuracy of the materials reproduced and the reproduction is not represented as an official version."

Copyright of the Acts and Regulations of the Province of Ontario are held by the Queen's Printer for Ontario. These ebooks are published by Mandamus Publishing pursuant to the policy of the Queen's Printer which states in part:


  • "The Queen's Printer for Ontario holds copyright in Ontario statutes, regulations and judicial decisions. The Queen's Printer permits any person to reproduce the text and images contained in the statutes, regulations and judicial decisions without seeking permission and without charge. The legal materials must be reproduced accurately, and Crown copyright in the legal materials must be acknowledged.."

All ebooks published by Mandamus Publishing are Copyright © by Mandamus Publishing 2017 in respect of the additions and deletions to the source code as published online and in respect of the navigational features introduced into the text of the Statutes and Regulations. Reproduction in whole or in part of any ebook, regardless of publishing format, is prohibited, except that purchasers are allowed to copy and store multiple copies of any ebook purchased by them, on their own personal electronic devices, which may include multiple computers, tablets or smartphones, but are not entitled to reproduce any ebook or transmit any ebook in any form or by any means to any other person. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is no restriction on the printing of the content of any ebook or portion thereof, and the provision of that printed copy to any person.

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At the moment, ebooks are available in epub format which is the standard for Apple and Android devices. If you are interested in obtaining documents in mobi or another format, please contact us for personalized service: info@mandamus.ca. Some quick testing has shown that we can produce workable mobi format documents for use on the Kindle platform, but our testing is not comprehensive.

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We attempt to ensure that the books contain all of the text of the underlying document. We may shorten the title of a document for display in the cover image. We make minor adjustments to white space in the documents, generally to standardize the formatting. We attempt to ensure that the ebooks contain all of the expected features, but given the nature of the computerized transcoding process, and the variety of formatting used in the regulations, it is quite possible that some ebooks will get produced with improper formatting. We do not believe that any actual text has been deleted from our ebooks.  If you find a file which contains an error, please let us know. We will replace your ebook with a revised version free of charge.


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All the 'legal stuff' is in the Terms and Conditions page (q.v).


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